Renting Your Inherited Property

Turning an Inherited property into a rental  In one our previous posts we mentioned that keeping an inherited property for a rental can be a good investment.  In fact over the long term one of the most profitable uses of an inherited property is turning it into a rental. Rental property is an excellent vehicle … Continued

Vacant property? Here’s a checklist…

Is your property vacant? Owners of a vacant property often make a very simple but common mistake: they assume that they can just let the property sit and everything will be fine.  Our experience has taught us otherwise.  Vacant properties can often be sitting targets for theft and vandalism, and they are at much greater … Continued

The Cost of Nothing

Let’s face it, making a decision is not always easy, and as the number of available options increases it often becomes increasingly more difficult to reach a decision.  As we try to weigh each option based on its individual merits and choose the best option with the highest potential benefit, we can often get bogged … Continued

I’ve Inherited a House – Now What?

Dealing with an inherited property is not always as easy as people think.  There are many important decisions to be made and depending on how many heirs are involved it can be difficult to simply come to a consensus on what to do with the property. In this post we’d like to go over some … Continued